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Candy Crush Saga Cheats

Candy crush saga, having enough lives is a resource that cannot be underestimated if you are to successfully finish the game. Players in the game are given five lives when they initially start playing so that they can start their journey but the number of lives reduces when they are unsuccessful at a level. Most times the lives regenerate automatically but this is after half an hour which sees many players resort to either purchasing the lives or asking friends to donate some of their free lives to them. However, there is another way to get unlimited lives and this can only be found out through the use of candy crush saga cheats.
Candy crush saga cheats that help players to play the addictive game for a long time without any limitations are available on the internet. However, it important to find websites that provide information on candy crush saga cheats that is genuine and will ensure that the steps given will result in the increase of lives in the game. Nevertheless, there are a number of candy crush saga cheats that are tied to the access to lives that have been proven to be authentic and they include:
First, candy crush saga cheats highlight the fact that the amount of time it takes for new lives to be given to a player is tied to timer on the system. Therefore, one of the ways to receive more lives is to set the timer on your iOS phone ahead manually so that it displays one more day ahead so that a player gets five more lives. This type of candy crush saga cheats are best for iOS devices but may also work on android devices.
Second, another candy crush saga cheats tip on gaining more lives is tied to the purchase of boosters through the use of Facebook credits. These credits are considered as premium currency by many seeking information on candy crush saga cheats as they allow players to purchase any number of boosters which ensure that they stay in the game. However, there are candy crush saga cheats that help players to gain access to an unlimited number of credits from Facebook at no cost thus ensuring that they always have enough lives to finish the game.

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