RESIDENT EVIL 6 [PC][X360][PS3] Torrent

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RESIDENT EVIL 6 [PC][X360][PS3] Torrent

           Resident Evil is the next edition of the popular survival horror series and has already exceeded the number of production. As you know from previous series, the game Resident Evil was created Tekeukhi father, but not this time.
         Resident Evil deviates from previous achievements. The player becomes the global threat of bioterrorist campaign shows the fate of three characters: Leon Kennedy during the outbreak investigation at Tall Oaks in the U.S., Chris Redfield in search of a mysterious woman, which led to the death of many people in his department and Jake and Muller a mercenary and son Albert Wesker, the main antagonist of the previous episodes. Depending on where you start the story, the game will be of a slightly different example, during the game, Leon will be more survival horror, when embodied in Chris shooter.

Enjoy the game!!!

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